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Reusable 24Pcs Acrylic Long Press on Nails

Reusable 24Pcs Acrylic Long Press on Nails

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Reusable 24Pcs Acrylic Long Press on Nails

Achieve salon-quality nails without the salon price tag with our Reusable 24Pcs Acrylic Long Press on Nails. Made from durable acrylic, these nails can be used multiple times, saving you time and money. Say goodbye to expensive salon visits and hello to long-lasting, professional-looking nails at home.




  • Clean your nails: Before applying Press-On nails, make sure your nails are clean and free of any oils or debris. This will help the glue adhere better to your nails.
  • Choose the right size: Select the right size of Press-On nails that fit your natural nails. You can use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles and create a clean surface for the Press-On nails to adhere to.
  • Apply the glue: Apply a small amount of glue to your natural nail and the back of the Press-On nail. Make sure to apply the glue evenly and avoid using too much glue.
  • Press and hold: Press the Press-On nail onto your natural nail and hold it in place for at least 30 seconds. This will help the glue bond to your natural nail.
  • File and shape: Once the Press-On nails are applied, use a nail file to shape and smooth the edges of the nails. This will help them look more natural and blend in with your natural nails.
  • Avoid water: Avoid getting your nails wet for at least an hour after applying the Press-On nails. This will give the glue enough time to dry and set properly.
  • Remove carefully: When you’re ready to remove the Press-On nails, gently lift the edges of the nails and use a nail polish remover to dissolve the glue. Do not force the nails off as this can damage your natural nails.



  • Feature: Reusable Press On Nails
  • Item Type: Acrylic Nails - Quantity: 24 Pcs/Set
  • 100%  Professional High Quality.
  • Easy To Use - Item Material: ABS
  • Suitable for use with gel, acrylic or fiberglass applications.
  • Quantity: 24pcs/set - Material: Acrylic
  • Type: Full Nail Tips - Weight: 30g
  • Type: Full Cover Nail Tips
  • Feature: Seamless Removable Fake Nails Capsule.
  • Feature: Waterproof Nails

Package Includes:
24pcs Acrylic Press On Nail Set


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