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About ShopAleBoutique:
Welcome to ShopAleBoutique.com. We offer free shipping worldwide on all orders.

ShopAleBoutique is an online boutique store based in Espoo, Finland, bringing you stylish, unique fashion and accessories at great value. Our philosophy is simple; we elevate and add chic, sophistication, and uniqueness to what classy clothing and accessories can be by creatively infusing the simple with the exquisite.

We define our aesthetic with three terms: classy, modern, and unique elegance with a classy personality. ShopAleBoutique’s partner designers put an excessive amount of focus on quality and styling details, creating both functional and conceptual timeless fashion products that go a long way, and delivering unique creative collections that make our customers happy.

OUR AIM: At ShopAleBoutique, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction so we look forward to assisting you in every way we can.

MANUFACTURING PROCESS: ShopAleBoutique’s ethical partner manufacturers/factories are based in Hong Kong. This allows us to offer products affordably while also manufacturing ethically. Yes, we prioritize sustainability and offer a selection of products made from eco-friendly materials. We source ethically from ShopAleBoutique’s approved ethical partner manufacturers and factories. Our promise to you is to never stop sourcing the finest styles and materials possible at reasonable prices while maintaining our commitment to ethical practices.

STRATEGIES: We recognize that every customer’s needs are different which is why we strive to deliver a wide range of unique and high-quality collections in our catalog, allowing you to find something you love.

HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? Contact us. Our dedicated support team is awaiting your inquiries and strives to help you at every step of your experience at the ShopAleBoutique online store.

CONTACT: Contact us via our contact form below, and we will ensure to get back to you at the earliest convenience.

Best regards, Joseph S. - ShopAleBoutique

Espoo, Finland (Y-1381560-4) or International Business ID: FI13815604

Support Phone Number: +358 46 8964277 - Support Email: info(@)shopaleboutique.com

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  • 》Free Shipping on All Orders

    Yes we offer free shipping to most international destinations.

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    Our Returns Policy is 30 days. We are committed to providing customers with a hassle-free returns and exchanges.